Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Geoguessr - Guess Where I Am!

I recently discovered the site Geoguessr (thanks to the webcomic XKCD) and have developed a minor addiction to it. Geoguessr is a website, rather than an app, which plunks you down in the middle of somewhere in Google's "street view", then challenges you to figure out where you are. I tend to roam around looking for road signs, street signs, commercial advertising, etc. and zero myself in that way. I'm sure there are other approaches, though. Once you think you've got your location nailed down, you mark it on a little inset map, click "Guess" and you'll see, and be scored, on how close you ended up. I've managed as little as 2 metres, but a few kilometres is more common. It's a lot of fun, quite challenging and a great way to waste some time. Check it out!

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