Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A blog. Huh.

This is an interesting time in the "life" of a blog, I think. The very first post, on a blog being written by someone not particularly famous. What it means is that I am writing this to...nobody. Or to myself. Or maybe just to my computer, and all the other technology downstream from computer that leads to the final product that you see on your screen.

Note that I'm assuming there's a "you", and that you're reading this.

But I guess you have to do that because, otherwise, there's not really much point, now is there? I need to assume--believe--that I can write things that are worth other people's valuable time to read. I'm doing that with my fiction (hey...there's some content right there), so I might as well do it here, too, no?

Okay, that's enough of the introspective, existential bloggery. On with the show, I guess!

(Postscript - if I DO someday end up being famous, will this post be the "here's where it all started" or have people saying "I knew him when he wrote...." Seeing as the moment I press "Publish Post", this gets frozen in time, it might be fun to come back and think about that....)

(Postscript 2 - I picked on "Alpha" as the title for this post, because it's the first one (duh). That implies my last post will be called "Omega". Makes me wonder if there will be a last post. Are blogs ever "finished"?)

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